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Running Gear


Always need to be prepared for the unexpected! Over 450,000 runners, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts are involved in accidents each year, and most are sent to hospitals without identification. RoadID offers identification products that can be personalized to feature your basic information, emergency contacts, and/or any other important medical information. It's far better to have it and don't need it, than the other way around!

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News and Results

Runners' World

Mainstream magazine with articles related to running news, events, and topics.

A running and triathlon website which features running and triathlon news, events, and resources.

Running Network

Running Network features news, results, and resources related to running.

USATF - USA Track and Field

USATF offers information regarding news and events related to track and field events.

News and resources that offer information about anything running-related. Also offers information related to records, calculators, and training resources.

dead runners society

A discussion and forum about running.

Find results for almost every race and event through

Lafayette Fitness

Webiste offering news for distance running and triathlons in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas

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Events and Locations

Find and register for local races and events through!

Find and sign up for local races and events through!

Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi 50 Trail Run

The Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi Trail 50 is held in early March each year on the Longleaf Horse Trail in the De Soto National Forest just south of Laurel, MS. Carl Touchstone was a local dentist and accomplished ultra runner, who had passed away due to cancer. This race commemorates his passion and accomplishments as an ultra runner.

Longleaf Trace

Longleaf Trace is a 41 paved trail for biking/running/walking. Find more information about parking and station locations

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