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December 13, 2008

Present: Donna Davis, Jodi Harrison, Audrey Jackson, Charles Jackson, Terry Lawhead, Andrew Maxwell, Brendon Maxwell, Elizabeth Maxwell, Jim Puckett, Christy Turner, Kelton Turner

The meeting, held at Christy and Kelton Turner’s home, was called to order by President Audrey Jackson.

Hobble Then Gobble

Audrey began the meeting with a review of the recent Hobble Then Gobble 5 mile run on Thanksgiving Day. The race was a successful event, with approximately 150 registrations. Feedback from participants included interest in a 1 mile fun run next year and in considering the addition of a walker category. Additional comments about the relative merits of trophies versus tiles were discussed. The consensus of the group was that race directors (Andrew Maxwell, Audrey and Charles Jackson) did a great job, with the help of a wonderful group of volunteers.

Steam Whistle 12K

The next event on the calendar is the Steam Whistle 12K on New Year’s Day. A brief meeting may be held as part of this event.

Time Clock Policy

Beginning in 2009, the club’s new time clock policy will go into effect. This policy will require club members to pay a deposit to use the clock, which will be refunded when the clock is returned in working order. Club officers will not be required to make the deposit. Non-members will not be allowed to use the clock (with the exception of USM track program.)

Tentative Banquet date

The annual Pine Belt Pacer Banquet date is set (but not confirmed at this point) for February 18th.


Members were encouraged to review the group’s bylaws (available on website). Business meeting dates are specified in the bylaws and while the group has been holding the required number of meetings, the meetings are not always held at the dates designated in the by-laws. The group should consider whether or not that is an issue which needs to be addressed.

2009 Officers

The following slate of officers was presented for the upcoming year:

President – Audrey Jackson

Vice-President – Kily Garcia

Secretary – Donna Davis

Treasurer – Deborah Barrett

Membership – Mark Filbey

Public Relations – Christy Turner

Webster – Running Bear

Longleaf Trace Liaison – Becky Ryder, Elmer Beardshall

Official Record Keeper – Ginny Dufrene

PBP Grand Prix Event Record Keeper – Nestor Anzola

Social Chairs – Vicki Copeland, Charles Jackson

On motion by Terry Lawhead seconded by Andy Maxwell, the slate of officers was elected.

Following the business portion of the meeting, the group adjourned to a game of Dirty Santa, refreshments, a group photo and many thanks to the Turners for hosting a fun evening during the holidays!

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Davis, Secretary

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