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November 30, 2005

Items to be addressed at next meeting:


  • Meeting Agenda – Nov. 30, 7:30 p.m.


  • 1.      Awards for Steam Whistle 12K

  • a.       Grand Prix Winners: Men’s Open – Keith Barrett; Men’s Masters – Phillip Wedgeworth; Men’s Grandmasters – Steve Ulery; Women’s Open – Martha Ray Sartor; Women’s Masters – Vicki Copeland; Women’s Grandmasters – Becky Ryder

  • b.      Young Runner of the Year

  • c.       Special Service Award

  • d.      Lifetime Pacer Awards Nominations

  • 2.      Development of new logo, Grand Prix logo, t-shirts, bumper stickers, letterhead, thank you cards, envelopes

  • 3.      Membership dues

  • 4.      Development of membership card

  • 5.      Nominations for 2006 Officers

  • 6.      Adoption of bylaws

  • 7.      Development of 2006 schedule

  • 8.      Additional items

Meeting Report

The following decisions/actions were taken at the 11/30/05 meeting:

The club’s officers offer the following slate for 2006 officers – President, Jim Coll; Vice President, Dawn Smith; Secretary, Undecided; Treasurer, Hollie Ryder; Membership Chair, Becky Ryder; Web Master, Elmer Beardshall; Longleaf Trace Liason, Hollie and Becky Ryder; Social Chairs, Keith Barrett and Joni Dunbar; Public Relations Chair, Vicki Copeland.

Nominations were taken and votes were held to honor several Pacers in the following award categories: Lifetime Pacer, Special Service, Young Runner of the Year. These awards will be presented along with the Grand Prix awards, following the Steam Whistle 12K.

The club has decided to develop a new logo, to be designed by Joni Dunbar. The logo will be unveiled at the Steam Whistle 12K.

The club voted to develop a membership card program that will allow club members discounts to goods and services at participating businesses. The cards will be distributed in March.

The club voted to replace the HubFest 5K with a Labor Day race. In 2006, the Labor Day race, the Hobble then Gobble Thanksgiving Day run and the Steam Whistle 12K will be presented as a holiday package with special registration rates available for those who participate in all three events.

The club voted to raise membership dues to $20 from $15 for individual; $30 from $25 for families effective Jan. 1, 2006.

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