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September 22, 2011



The quarterly meeting of the Pine Belt Pacers was held on Thursday, September 22 at 6:30 pm at Mugshots. Members in attendance were Pete Edwards, Melissa Ravencraft, Keith Barrett, Deborah Barrett, Toby Brown, Ginny Dufrene, James Daniel, Susan Davidson, Audrey Jackson, Charles Jackson, Pam Wilmore, Kily Garcia and Becky Ryder. In the absence of Secretary Donna Davis, minutes from the most recent meeting were not available. Becky Ryder volunteered to take minutes for the current meeting.

The meeting was called to order by President Susan Davidson. Items which were discussed and upon which action is listed were:

1.  Deborah Barrett submitted the Treasurer's Report which shows a current balance of  $5,557.71, of which $2172.47 is designated for future equipment purchases. The complete report is available on the Pacer website.

2. Following a brief discussion, the club voted to donate $250 to the Longleaf Trace Nature Project and $700 to the MDA summer camp program.

3.  Audrey Jackson reported that she had talked with Cindy Pennington and was assured by her that ARC will direct the Hobble Then Gobble race, with support from Pacers. ARC will handle all registration, fund raising, and other major race related duties. The Pacers will measure and mark the course and will provide timing equipment.

4.  Club shirts - A committee consisting of Charles Jackson, Toby Brown, and Ginny Dufrene will research and come up with a proposal regarding color, logo and style of club shirts.

5.  Steam Whistle 12K - The race will be directed by James Daniel and Becky and Hollie Ryder. The race will be held on December 31 with the starting time to be determined.

6.  Graffiti Project - A committee of Tom Smith, Pam Wilmore and Becky Ryder have painted over all graffiti and “unofficial markings” on the ground surface and within the tunnels of the Longleaf Trace from the Gateway to the 2-mile mark.. This will be an on-going project and more volunteers are needed.

7.  Club Runs and social activities - Keith Barrett and Pam Wilmore will work on dates and times for Track on Tap and other club runs and social activities. The club Christmas Party will be held at Pam's home on December 10. Prior to the party, there will be a group run through downtown/historic Hattiesburg.

8.  Equipment Use - The current Equipment Use Policy seems to be working quite well, but there is an incorrect assumption by many people who put on races that the Pacers will always provide timing services and equipment for non-club events. This situation needs to be clarified and the community needs to have a better understanding of our policy. A committee of Terry Lawhead, Charles Jackson and James Daniel will write a statement which will be made available on our website regarding the policy and the fact that the Pacers, as a club, do not provide timing and finish line services.

9.  Display Board at Jackson Road - Donna Davis will be in charge and will make monthly changes and updates on the display. Donna asked that members be assured that the board will be much more “professional” in the near future. If you have materials that you would like to display, contact her.

10.  2012 Officers - A slate of officers was proposed and the election will take place at the Christmas Party on December 10, 2011.

The slate is as follows:    

President - Audrey Jackson    

Vice President - Toby Brown    

Secretary - Donna Davis    

Treasurer - Deborah Barrett    

Webmaster - James Daniel    

Social - Pam Wilmore and Keith Barrett    

Longleaf Trace - Becky Ryder and Elmer Beardshall    

Public Relations - Christy Turner    

Membership -

11.  Next Meeting - November 3, 2011 at 6:30 pm at Mugshots

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