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August 09, 2009

PINE BELT PACER MEETING – August 9th, 2009

Present: Deborah Barrett, Keith Barrett, Jim Coll, Vicki Copeland, James Daniel, Susan Davidson, Donna Davis, Kily Garcia, Kristy Halverson, Benjamin Hughes, Audrey Jackson, Charles Jackson, Jodie Jawor, Benjamin Lee, Jodie Lee, Becky Ryder, Hollie Ryder, Christy Turner, Eric Weill, Lisa Wickstrom

The meeting, held at Kily and Carolina Garcia’s home, was called to order by President Audrey Jackson. Members present introduced themselves, including Kristy Halverson and Lisa Wickstrom, both new to Pine Belt Pacers.

Labor Your Legs 5K

Becky Ryder presented a detailed report on the preparations underway for the September 7 Labor Day 5K. The entry forms are ready and members present were encouraged to help with distribution. Sponsorships are in place, with a combination of businesses and individual contributions which have already covered the cost of the t-shirts (150 race shirts and an additional 50 cotton shirts to give to volunteers and sponsors.)

Deborah Barrett will handle registration, with the help of Jodie Jawor and Kristy and Kelton Turner. Deborah asked that anyone getting items to put in the bags for participants get 150 items so that there would be enough for all the bags. The bags will be stuffed on the Thursday evening before the race (Sept 3), with a run at 6:00, following by a 6:30 session to work on the bags. Deborah will handle this event as part of registration.

Barrett Engraving will prepare the awards, which will be tiles for age group winners and walkers.

Donna Davis and Eric Weill will coordinate volunteers. At the time of the meeting, Judy and Wayne Williams have agreed to manage the water stop; Donna and Eric will assign volunteers to street intersections. 

At the finish line, Hollie Ryder will be responsible for the clock; Becky will hand out finish labels, Ben Hughes will be the Timer Printer operator; Raul will compile results for the runners; Kily will make up a board to show results for the walkers and Christy Turner will announce results.

Refreshments for the race were also discussed. Winn Dixie has contributed a $20 gift card and the Coke Company will provide drinks. Becky Ryder will take care of getting some granola bars and Deborah Barrett will handle getting fruit.

Publicity for the race, including article to the Hattiesburg American and appearance on WDAM, will be handled by Christy Turner. 

Keith Barrett reported that he had, as in years past, filled out the necessary paperwork for a permit through the Hattiesburg Police Department but that this did not always mean an officer was available to assist with the race. Keith has also spoken with the local Christian Motorcycle Club who will hopefully be able to provide help at intersections along the course. Keith will continue to communicate with this group and finalize the arrangement.

Clock Policy

Becky reviewed the club’s current policy regarding use of the time clock. With a replacement cost of about $3,000 plus a $400 timer, this equipment, housed in the club’s trailer, is an important and valuable club asset. Currently, the clock may be used by officers, without placing a deposit, or by members, who must pay a $300 deposit, refunded if the clock is returned in good condition. Becky suggested that in the future the group might wish to review the policy and consider a rental fee rather than just a deposit.

Officers’ reports:

Charles discussed the upcoming Trek the Trace events. The club will provide a main dish for sharing after the event and participants will bring side dishes. Charles also asked for help in getting the trailer to the following Tuesday’s event as he would be out of town. Kily encouraged attendance at these events, emphasizing the opportunity for the entire family to participate in a Pacer event which includes running, food and friendship.

Charles also discussed the upcoming 10 year anniversary of the Pine Belt Pacers. This event will coincide with co-founder Becky Ryder’s 65th birthday. The events will be combined into a 65 minute run at the Oak Grove High School Track. Participants will pay a $10 entry fee, to benefit the school’s track program. Runners will compete against the clock to see if anyone can run 10 miles or a 10K, etc., during the 65 minutes. The event is planned for the morning of November 14th. As Becky noted, it will be an appropriate way to celebrate the founding of the group, the purpose of which is the fostering of a community of runners and to raise money for charitable causes.

Charles also directed members to check the forum for the resumption of Track on Tap in September and events such as a possible Halloween run. The forum was also noted as the way to connect to activities like the neighborhood run Kily leads (lots of hills) and the Billboard run.

Deborah Barrett, treasurer, reported that the group has approximately $1,700 in the account, following the payment for the T-shirts for Labor your legs. Membership stands at about 252, with membership renewals set to go out in the fall.

The next scheduled meeting is on October 4th at Terry and Mitzi Lawhead’s home. Audrey asked that members be prepared to discuss the Gran Prix schedule at this meeting, with a goal of eliminating problem events and spreading out the remaining events to avoid conflicting dates on the schedule. 

Hobble Then Gobble

Audrey and Charles directed this race last year, without a specified charity. Pacer member Jodie Lee discussed the possibility of using this event as a fundraiser for the ARC, Association for the Rights of Citizens with disabilities. Benjamin and Jodie Lee, present at the meeting, spoke about the valuable work of this group, which provides a range of services for specials needs citizens from birth forward. These services include after school care, respite care, etc. The Hendley’s, also Pacer members, and the Lee’s use this group's services. On motion by Becky, seconded by Audrey the group agreed to use the Hobble Then Gobble as a fund raising race for the ARC. The possibility of volunteers from the ARC assisting with the race was explored and will be finalized closer to the race. In addition, a walking event of some design will be added to the event to allow families to participate.

Becky also encouraged members to check out a new running website,

Respectfully submitted: Donna Davis

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