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August 09, 2006

Track on Tap Minutes 08/09/06


Topics of Discussion:


-Pre-race suggestions: Welcome by Ed Morgan, Prayer by Father Tommy (Adrienne will contact), and National Anthem (Keith is contacting some girl (s) to sing).


- Certification of course complete


- Door Prizes

            GC for Subway (masters and grand master male and female)

            2GC from Power House (give to overall male/female)

            Charles will return to Soccer Locker to talk with Yousri concerning their contribution

Note: Since we have so many door prizes, we might want to consider saving some for the other races.


- Post Race Refreshment provided by Pfizer, Russ to provide Powerade (3)


- Medallions – Keith Barrett placed order and will arrive Wednesday, overall male/female +  

  power house, masters male/female and grand master, three deep in every age group.

  Trophies recycle for teams + Subway


- Race Volunteers(11 major intersections)15-20 volunteers - assistance from MDA? (Russ)


- Water Station – Keith will talk to Becky


- Police escort – Keith faxed parade report to Capt Myers – HPD. Adrienne will contact 

  Forrest County Sheriff's Dept. for back-up (at least 2 cars needed). Also, we could use

  cyclist to watch race – Joni to contact Butch.


- T-shirts for race – under control


Club shirt to sell online – ask Becky…suggestions of green t-shirts


Hobble Gobble Race: Dawn Smith - Who, What, When Where, Register day of Labor Your Legs 5k for Hobble Gobble and get $2 bucks off w/ expiration only one use.

Keith – to call Wesley for giveaways


Lee Downing & Levone came to promote the for South Central Classic race in Laurel, September 16 - 23 Mason Street, Laurel, MS 39440

Adrienne sent PBP logo to Lee

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