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July 12, 2006

MDA Labor Day 5k


As the newly nominated secretary;) for PBP (Adrienne Hiucks), here are the minutes for Track on Tap meeting, July 12, 2006. I believe we agreed on the Labor Day race title above. There were a couple of options tossed out and we can explore a little more between now and design time:

Labor Day 5k Classic to Benefit MDA

MDA Labor Day 5k Classic or MDA Labor Day 5k

Other Possible Names Joni Came Up With After The Meeting


Labor Day 5k Classic (tag w/ benefit MDA)

Labor Your Legs 5k

Leg Labor 5k

Labor Day Hot Haul

Labor Day Skedaddle

Organization of Race Day

Start time for race: 7:30 AM

Entry Form: to be completed by Steve Ulery

Race day refreshments: Coca-Cola will donate drinks, bananas and bagels (Adrienne will contact a couple of local produce companies and South Bound Bagel to see what else we can get.)

Registration: TBA (possibly Deborah, but not confirmed)

T-shirts: Joni Dunbar will design the shirts and it has been left up to her to choose colors (she will check to see what the MDA colors are and tie that in if possible). Tank vs. T-shirt, we agreed that if people pre-register they have an option, but on race day we will have t-shirts only. Becky is in charge of ordering these through Ginny Dufrene

Race Awards and/or Give-Aways

There were a few people who volunteered to contact local business owners to see what we can gather as awards for race winners (7 age groups, men + women, 1st/2nd/3rd places). So, if you can get one donator to give 14 of whatever they choose to give that would be great, otherwise get what they will give. Becky has the 1st place winners through Butch (I believe the offering is dinner for 2). For those of you who volunteered to contact local business or for those who intend to do so, but did not mention who, please keep in mind that there will be 3 races this year. So, when contacting business owners ask them upfront if they would like to donate to all 3. If not, take what you can get;), but we will be sure not to re-contact/harass them when the next race comes around.

Becky – Butch

Dawn – Power House + Java Werks

Charles – Yousri

Adrienne – Smoothie King, South Bound Bagel, J & J Produce, Difattas, Moore’s Bike Shop, and Walmart

If you all plan on contacting other businesses please let Becky know, so that we don’t have multiple PBP members contacting the same folks.

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