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May 29, 2007



Present:  Becky, Audrey, Ginny Dawn, Jim, Vicki, Keith H., Keith B., Merry, Robin, Kim, Chrissy, Cheryl, Kily, Nestor, Dow, Renee


Pine Belt Pacer Relays – June 9, 2007

Jim needs volunteers for each event.  He will make a list of what he needs and post it on the forum.  He wants to keep the event around 50 people and more as a club event.  Becky and Hollie will work the starts and finishes.  Vicki will provide bullhorn.  We have enough trophies.  Bops will donate ice cream, but we need a server.  Coke will donate drinks, but need a volunteer to pick up the drinks.  Becky volunteered.  Soccer Locker is donating 2 pairs of shoes.  Kily volunteered to create a way to keep up with who is participating in which events.  Instead of ordering event t-shirts, we will sell the club shirts.


After the relays, members will clean out the trailer.  Deborah will purchase clear plastic storage bins to help with organization.  Extra trophys that are stored in the trailer will be used for Hobble Then Gobble. 


Two Mile Predicted Runs

Soccer Locker and Hattiesburg Bicycle will donate prizes.  The potluck tradition will continue with the club providing some food.  Making the last run a moonlight run was discussed.  Kily volunteered some lighting and also suggested running with glowy things.


We will add a run for children, adding to the distance each week  Audrey will do necessary paperwork with Bill Powe getting permission to use the trail.


Labor Day Race

Keith B. got permission from Steve Floyd to use the food court.  Russ Henly with Coke will provide drinks and make a $250 cash contribution.  We discussed that Russ deserves a “service award” for all that he has done for the club.  Becky reported that Dairy Fresh has expressed interest in having a booth.  Kily reported that Hood Industries and Southern Eye Center will also be sponsors.  MDA will provide door prizes.


Dawn will update the flyer.  Ginny will do a technical shirt ($10 - $12).  The shirt will be light blue.  Jim suggested that we use our logo runner on all shirts that have a runner on them.  120 shirts will be ordered.  There was a discussion on raising the entry fee in order to have a nicer shirt.  Most everyone agreed this was a good idea.  There will be a walking division, but it won’t be race walking.



Becky volunteered to be the contact person for clock reservations.  She will write a policy and present to the club at the next meeting.  We also had a discussion on when to help or not help with races.  All of our attention will be put on our races and the Grand Prix series races.  Raul brought up the importance of having race results on the website.  We also need to have results in the newspaper.


Respectfully submitted:  Vicki Copeland

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