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April 6, 2008


Present: Jim Coll, Vicki Copeland, James Daniel, Donna Davis, Audrey Jackson, Charles Jackson, Jodie Jawor, Becky Ryder, Hollie Ryder, Denton Spiers, Kelly Spiers

The meeting, held at Audrey and Charles Jackson’s home, was called to order by President Audrey Jackson.

Business Sponsors

Audrey began with meeting with a discussion of a new business sponsorship for PBP. Healing Touch School for Massage Therapy will offer PBP members a 10% discount on professional services (as opposed to the fees charged for services provided by students, which are already discounted). Audrey added that a club goal for 2008 was the addition of three business sponsorships. Members discussed the most appropriate way to recognize the club’s business sponsors. A banner, possibly with removable letters to accommodate changes from year to year, was agreed upon as a possible means of recognizing the business which support PBP. Audrey asked Denton Spiers to investigate such a banner. Members Kelly and Denton Spiers also discussed their interest in either become a business sponsor or in sponsoring a race. (Hobble then Gobble 5 mile Thanksgiving Race was suggested as a potential choice.) The Spiers businesses’ include Spiers Chiropractic and a gym and yoga studio.

Becky Ryder is working on a potential business sponsorship from Ward’s which might include a morning run ending at Wards. Members agreed to use opportunities to combine group activities like a Saturday morning run with a visit to business sponsors, for example JavaWerks.

Grand Prix schedule

Members agreed to review the Grand Prix schedule towards the end of 2008 for possible additions and deletions from the list for next year. Potential additions include the Petal Family Y Firefly evening 5K, held April 5th. This race was on the evening of the FOG 5K in Sumrall. If the two do not conflict next year, the Petal race was suggested for consideration to the Grand Prix schedule. The Irish/Italian Festival 5K in March was also discussed. This race was so successful in 2008, the first year held, that members, on motion by Becky Ryder, seconded by Donna Davis, agreed to place in on next year’s schedule.

Upcoming races discussed included the Acorn 5K next weekend, with which Kelly Spiers is assisting and the 5K for Relay in Petal on April 26th.

Other Club Business

On motion by Becky Ryder seconded by Vicki Copeland the group agreed to waive membership renewal fees for members on Active Duty. Members in this category who have already renewed will have their membership extended for an additional year at no charge.

Audrey discussed a potential questionnaire for members seeking input on expectations for the group. Those present agreed that most members look at PBP to foster camaraderie and connect with other runners. Towards that end, establishing and promoting group runs was discussed. Jim Coll and Charles Jackson will look at establishing a regular Thursday evening soft surface run and Becky Ryder will be starting up the Tuesday night training sessions for a 12 week period, in preparation for the Labor Day 5K. Members present agreed to make use of the Pine Belt Pacer forum, on the website, to organize and promote other such activities like a Saturday or Sunday morning long run.

Becky Ryder updated the group on efforts to add events for kids to the clubs schedule. Such activities require volunteers willing to coordinate the events and so far, no one has been able to take on the role of directing these events.

Social Chairperson Vicki Copeland suggested a Cinco De Mayo event, with members meeting at 5:30 for a run followed by Mexican food. Ideas suggested included everyone bringing a dish and holding the event at the pavilion at the Long Leaf Trace or a run that would begin and end at the Mexican Kitchen. Vicki will check in with the restaurant and email members with more information.

The next meeting will be held on Sunday July 13th at Becky and Hollie Ryder’s home.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Davis

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