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April 5, 2009


Present: Deborah Barrett, Keith Barrett, Vicki Copeland, Donna Davis, Kily Garcia, Audrey Jackson, Charles Jackson, Terry Lawhead, Becky Ryder, Hollie Ryder, Christy Turner, Kelton Turner, Eric Weill

The meeting, held at Deborah and Keith Barrett’s home, was called to order by President Audrey Jackson.

Review of 2008 goals and establishment of goals for 2009

President Audrey Jackson began the meeting with a review of the goals set by the club for 2008 with a view towards setting goals for this year. (Attached to the minutes is a list of the 2009 goals as developed during this discussion.)

The first goal was to approve goals at the April business meeting – this was accomplished at this meeting.

Secondly, a line of products available to members such as singlets, hats, etc. was to be considered. Although this did not happen in 2008, Audrey will begin the process by ordering a small supply of singlets to gauge interest by members. Members present at this meeting placed initial orders.

The membership goal for 2008 was to retain at least 80% of paid memberships from the previous year. This goal was met. Those present agreed to keep the same goal for membership in 2009.

The 2008 goal for adding three business sponsorships in 2008 was met. The 2009 goal will be maintaining the current list of business sponsorships.

An activity goal for 2008 was a monthly breakfast gathering on a Saturday. This goal was not meet and those present agreed it was not realistic given the Saturday race schedule. This goal is eliminated from the 2009 list.

The participation goal, to increase participation by club members at races, was met by the promotion of Pacer events though the media options outlined. The goal of increased children’s participation was met by Kily Garcia’s activities for children scheduled for the Trace series in the summer. The same goals will be included on the 2009 list.

The fund-raising/donation goal for 2008 was meet by a donation of $2,400 to the USM Track and Field program and $2,400 to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. On motion by Eric Weill, seconded by Deborah Barrett, during 2009 , the club will continue the practice of using club funds to maximize the contributions funded through the annual banquet (benefits USM Track and Field) and the Labor Your Legs 5K (benefits MDA).  

Volunteer goals for 2008 included the assistance of 20% of members with club events. Those present agreed that this goal was not achieved. The club will continue to work to increase the number of volunteers in 2009. The second volunteer goal for 2008 was met, with the regular attendance of a Pine Belt Pacer to Thames Track training events during the summer. The same goal will remain in place for 2009. The final volunteer goal for 2008 was the availability of a co-director or assistant to the race director for Pine Belt Pacer sanctioned races. This goal will be modified in 2009 to providing a liaison from the Pacers for all Grand Prix events.

Grand Prix schedule

Members present agreed that the 2010 Grand Prix schedule may be modified to eliminate races, such as USM’s Run for Love, for which information is not always easy to provide to club members. The 2009 schedule is in place, but as Becky begins later in the year to work on the 2010 calendar, these matters will be further discussed.

Labor Day Race

Deborah and Keith Barrett and Becky and Hollie Ryder will once more serve as Race Directors for the Labor Your Legs 5K in 2009. New race directors are being recruited for 2010. Donna Davis and Eric Weill have been identified as potential co-directors for 2010 with other members encouraged to consider becoming race directors as well.

Clock Policy

Pacer member Katrina Hall is working on a revision to the wording of the contract for use of the club’s time clock. Becky reported that the current reservation system and policies are working well.


Elmer Beardshall continues to act as webmaster, but Becky indicated that, as Elmer and Ann will be out of town for a significant portion of the year, other members might wish to consider taking on this task. The quality of the website was praised and all agreed that the Pacers have been lucky to have someone like Elmer who has been willing to handle this responsibility for so long.

Anniversary Party

This fall, the Pacers will celebrate a ten year anniversary and the 65th birthday of founding member Becky Ryder! Possible dates include November 14th (Becky’s birthday) or the first weekend in November. Plans include a 65 minute run, with awards for distances accomplished during this time period, followed by a fish fry. More information will be made available to members as the date approaches. 

Boys and Girls Club program

Becky reported on a contact from the local Boys and Girls Club, who are applying for a grant targeted towards children’s running programs. The Pacers have been asked to participate in some way with the establishment of a 5K training program for children, perhaps as part of the 5K training program the Pacer’s normally hold in the summer months. The children would then participate in the Labor Day 5K, with the entry fee waived (as a no shirt option) or reduced.

USM Grant

Becky also reported on a large grant received by USM to encourage walking for health benefits. The program will seek to establish a group of 200 walkers, with coaches hired to monitor progress and encourage the participants. 

Treasurer’s report

Deborah Barrett presented a report showing a fund balance of 5,506.67. This figure includes club funds of 3,029.53 and 2,477.14 in special projects (income designated for particular projects). On motion by Becky Ryder, seconded by Audrey Jackson, the USM track scholarship will receive a $2,400 donation, funded by the annual Pacer Banquet.


Deborah Barrett reported that the current processing of memberships, received at the Pacer P.O. box and forwarded to Deborah by Mark Filbey, Membership, was working in a satisfactory way. Occasional delays may result from the mailing of the forms and checks more than one time, but such delays are relatively brief.

Long Leaf Trace

Becky asked for any input for members on issues relating to use of the Long Leaf Trace, as she would soon be attending a meeting of Friends of the Trace. Pacers discussed the possibility of adopting a section of the Trace for cleanup. Becky will explore this possibility with Friends of the Trace and report to the members at a future meeting.

Next Meeting:

The next business meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 12th, 5:00 at Kily and Carolina Garcia’s home.

Respectfully submitted: Donna Davis, Secretary 

2009 Goals

Review goals at the April business meeting.


Retain at least 80% of paid memberships from the previous year and maintain the current list of business sponsorships.


Increase participation by club members at races by promoting Pacer events through the media (newspaper, WDAM, etc.) Continue to encourage children’s participation through special activities at Trace series in summer.


Continue to use club funds to maximize contributions funded through the annual banquet (benefits USM Track and Field) and the Labor your Legs 5K (benefits MDA).


Increase number of members volunteering at events to 20%.

Continue to provide a Pacer volunteer at Tuesday night track sessions at Thames school.

Provide a liaison from the Pacers for all Grand Prix events.

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