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March 15, 2006

The following items were discussed / decided at the Pine Belt Pacers meeting held Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at Strick’s in Hattiesburg. Club members present included Jim Coll, Dawn Smith, Dana Christensen, Becky Ryder, Keith Hilpp, Yousri Elmejdoubi, Deb Osteen, Audrey Jackson, Vicki Copeland, Audrey Jackson, Aqulino Garcia, and Joni Dunbar.

Membership Cards: A final list of businesses for the membership card has been finalized. Cards will be mailed to members next month. The club has also reached an agreement with Soccer Locker and City Runners making the store the card’s exclusive sporting goods store. In exchange, Soccer Locker and City Runners will pay the club $500. The agreement is expected to be renewed annually.

Bumper Stickers: Members selected the club’s new bumper sticker from a pair of options provided by Joni. The sticker can be viewed online and will be mailed along with the membership card. While each member will receive his or her own membership card, one bumper sticker per family will be distributed.

T-shirts / singlets: Club t-shirts and singlets are being priced and designed. Once designed and produced, they will be available at Soccer Locker and City Runners.

Hurricane Katrina Funds: The club has received $3,000 in Hurricane Katrina relief from the Road Runners Club of America. The club decided to cover losses incurred by the MS 50, estimated at a couple hundred dollars, which was cancelled due to Katrina. Club members are also pricing a small, enclosed trailer which could haul tables, the clock, and other items the club routinely uses at races. If you have information regarding trailers for sale please contact Becky at . The club would like to use some of the Katrina funds toward a project on the Longleaf Trace, but has yet to decide on a suitable project. If you know of a club member who suffered running-related losses due to Katrina, please let Jim know –  .

Pine Belt Pacer Relays: This year’s Pine Belt Pacer Relays will feature an informal spaghetti dinner the night prior to the event -- time and location to be announced. A silent auction will be held as part of the dinner. The goal is to create an account that the club can build over a period of a few years for the purpose of establishing a cross country or track scholarship at Southern Miss in the name of the club.

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