Age Grading
What is Age Grading? Age grading is grading run times based on a series of age factors or age standards
 which can be used to compare performances at different ages. Even if you will never set another absolute PR 
(Personal Record) at a given distance, you can still strive to achieve a higher age grade. For example: one of our 
local runners (who wishes to remain anonymous) set a 5K PR of 18:08 in 1978 at age 39. This would grade out
 at 73.8. In 1987 at age 48 he ran 18:17, which grades out at 78.2. And at age 61, he ran 21:17, which grades out
 at 75.1. This tells him that he is running better than when he ran his time PR, but not as well as he did at age 48.

The Age Graded Tables were developed over a period of years by the World Association of Veteran Athletes,
(WAVA), the world governing body for masters track and field, long distance running, and race walking. The tables
are used by WAVA to award prizes by age graded performance, rather than time by age group as is usually done at 
local races. The tables are graded by age and sex and correspond approximately to world record marks for a person
of that age and sex. 

 The achievement levels are as follows:
100.0 = World - Record Level
over 90.0  = World Class
over 80.0  = National Class
over 70.0  = Regional Class
over 60.0  = Local Class

Try entering your times in the WAVA Age Grading Calculator

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